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Importance of Exercise for Healthy Muscles and Bones


Strong muscles protect your joints and back-the stronger your muscle are the less strain you put an your joints,spine and connective tissues.Weight and resistance training develops your muscles,bones and ligaments.

Muscles become more firm and toned improving your posture.


Improves flexibility-and by that you reduce the chance of injury or strain


Strong muscles help to prevent and treat Arthritis and Osteoporosis-strong muscles protect your joints slowing down the wear and tear of joints preventin Arthritis (aerobic exercises)

can slow the loss of bone density- Osteoporosis- (weight bearing exercises)


Helps to prevent diseases-we are ment to move.Exercise is crucial for good health and fitness.

It decreases a risk of :

*high blood pressure

*diabetes (can help to reduce insulin requirements)

*cancer of breast ( by reducing the level of estrogen) and colon ( by speeding the passage of food through the colon,thereby reducing the time that toxins are in contact with the body)

 *heart disease and lower cholesterol levels


Boosts your Immune System-Health Experts believe that exercise boosts your Imune System for few hours each day(after you exercise) helping you to fight off cold and flu


Improves quality of life-by

*reducing stress (because of increased secretion of endorphins and hormones which can affect mood and decrease anxiety levels)

*helping you to control your weight (increasing metabolism)

*helping you to sleep better . Make sure you don't exercise late in a day -this will cause increase in your body's energy

*making you looking and feeling stronger and younger



Start slowly and gradually increase your level of activity

Weight training-no more than 3 times a week for the same muscles group (muscles need 48 hours to recover)

Aerobic excercises-30-60 minutes per session 3  times a week or even up to every day