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Tension Headaches and Massage Therapy


Tight muscles in the neck and shoulders regions and Trigger Points in those areas  are the most common cause for Tension Headaches.

Most of the time Headaches are caused by improper posture,raising  the shoulders up (with stress) ,tilting the head to far forward or back,especially working on the computer ,hand held devices (phones,tablets),reading,improper sleeping position (stomach sleeping)

Massage Therapy,especially deeper treatments that include a Trigger Point work can be a very effective tool in controling headaches.


One of the muscle groups responsible for this are Suboccipitals -causing apain in the back of the head.

They are easy to find ,they lie just underneath the back of your scull,in a line from one ear to the other.

To have a treatment to your Suboccipitals you have to lie face up ,the Massage Therapist will have to work under the base of a scull and press upwards with her findertips.

Most people will be able to tolerate strong pressure here.

You can also try to massage  this area yourself or use tennis balls to create the pressure.

You should always be lying down for it to allow those muscles to be totally relaxed.


Another common muscle group to cause Headaches are Upper Trapezius muscles-usually causing Headaches  in the forehead and temporal area.

For the treatment to those muscles you can be sitting or lying on your back. The easiest way to relax them is squeezing movement to upper shoulder area.


For the Homecare after the Treatment for Headaches it is strongly advisible to put a hot compress in the lower neck and shoulder area for 15-20 minutes.

If you feel a Headache after your Massage Therapy Treatment put a cold or ice pack on the base of the head area.

You should avoid  any physical exertion after the Massage Therapy Treatment .

Try to think if there is any changes you can make to your life style or computer set-up to prevent the Headaches.