Bozena's Massage Therapy


Deep Tissue or Sweedish Massage


Massage Therapy has become a very popular tool in relieveing stress,tension,muscular pains but also to bringing some  relaxation and peace  into our hectic lives.

There is a lot of different types of massage,most popular being .....

Deep Tissue ? or Sweedish Massage? Which is right for you?

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE -designed to release severe pain and tension in the muscles and connective tissues ,working deep layers,treating Trigger Points and adhesions.

Usually treatments are more localized,pressure more intense.

Reasons to ask for Deep Tissue Massage:

-chronic pain in specific areas of the body and chronic headaches -often caused by knots and Active Trigger Points

-beeing involved in sports and a lot of physical activities -massage helps to relieve tension and pain due to strain and overuse

-previous injuries-massage will help to work out any knots and adhesions that formed as a result of the injury.

SWEEDISH MASSAGE -(sometimes called Relaxation Massage)

Created to increase circulation,improve flexibility and ease tension in the muscles.

Usually during treatments lighter pressure is involved ,using long smooth strokes.

Sweedish Massage is ment to be a relaxing and quiet treatment.

Reasons to ask for Relaxation Massage :


-poor circulation

-sleeping disturbancy

-digestive problems


No matter which type of Massage Therapy Treatment you choose to try with me,they are ment to help you with aches and pains and discomfort that you experience ,always done in a very professional way in an inviting atmosphere.

I will try to assist you in finding the reason for your discomforts,changing your enviroment to prevent re occuring problems,help you with using simple stretches and exercises and becoming more active.