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Fun Facts about Human Anatomy


Did you know that:

About muscles:

*we have 640 muscles in our body,around 50 just in the face

*it takes only 16 muscles to smile and 43 to frown

*all our muscles make about 40% of our total body weight

*the biggest muscle is gluteus maximus in our buttocks

*fastest muscle is the one that makes us blink,we usually blink 5 times per second

*the strongest muscle (pound per pound) is the one we chew with called masseter

*if all of the muscles in the human body could pull in one dicection we could create a force of 25 tons

*there are muscles in the root of your hair that give you goose bumps

*tongue in the only muscle that has only one attachment

About bones:

*we are born with 300 bones ,which will fuse later so by the time we reach adulthood we have only 206

*human foot has 26 bones and hand including the wrist 54 bones -Wow !

*the longest bone in our body is our thigh bone called femur

*bones make only about 14 % of our total body weight

*teeth are the only part of our body that can not repair itself

About brain:

*average adult human brain weighs 3 pounds and is 75 % water

*our brain uses about 20 % of the oxygen circulating in our body

*there are 100.000 miles of blood vessels in the brain ,the distance around the world at the equator is only 24.900 miles

*the average number of thoughts a person has each  day is 70.000

*our brains are more active at night than during the day

*our brain can remember 50.000 scents

*there are no pain receptors in the brain ,so we can feel no pain