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Fun Facts about Exercising


Fun Facts About Exercising

*Exercising releases endorphins and by that makes you feel happier

*Skipping for 20 minutes burns about 250 calories

*Running for 60 minutes burns 700-850 calories

*Crunches will not give you a Six-Pack,you need to increase your cardio and reduce your calories to remove the top layer of fat

*Exercise teaches your body to burn fat instead of storing it

*Underwater swimming is the only exercise during which you should hold your breath

*You can not target fat loss during exercise

*Approximately 80% of people that start a fitness program will quit soon after

*Exercising in the morning will give you energy for the rest of the day

*The more muscle tissue you have ,the more calories you will burn at rest

*Exercise improves your mental health and stimulates the nervous system

*Even if you are skinny ,you may have a high body fat %,which is unhealthy

*Studies suggest ,that every time you walk for 1 hour,your life expectancy increases by 2 hours

*If you don't exercise regularly by the time you are 65 you may have as much as 80% decrease in your muscle strenght

*Dancing is a great exercise,it can improve cardiovascular fitness just as much as any other type of exercise

*People who cross-train (with few modalities of exercise) are less prone to injuries

*Beeing dehydrated may decrease your exercise performance

*It takes 48-72 hours for a muscle to fully recover after strenuous exercise

*Working with free weights is said to be more effective than using strenght machines

*Doing cardio in the morning (before breakfast),burns more body fat than at any other time

*A person with bulkier muscles is not necessarily stronger than someone with less muscle mass

*Weight lifting is one of the best ways to boost your testosterone levels

*Exercise speeds up the healing process by increasing amount of oxygen that brings throughout the body

*Exercising slows joint degenaration by bringing oxygen and nutrients to them

*Exercising reduces the chance of developing colon cancer by stimulating digestion and breast cancer by decreasing the levels of estrogen

***Exercise can improve body image,energy,self-esteeme and overall fitness