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Foods that Help to Keep Healthy Muscles and Bones


To build and maintain healthy muscles and bones we need a combination of proteins ,veggies,fruits and good fats.

Proteins :help to build and maintain healthy muscles and to burn fat

Veggies and Fruits:contain vitamins and minerals that are essential for recovery from our workouts and carbs that they contain fuel our muscles and give us energy during our exercise.

Fats  in our diet help us to burn fat from our body instead of storing it.


As a general rule ,we should eat 80% of Alkaline  foods and only 20% Acidic.

When our blood is optimally pH balanced ,it carries oxygen more efficiently and by that helps us with stronger metabolism and keeps us healthy.
 Too much acid producing substances  causes a chronic condition called acidosis,increases inflamation in the body and remember -cancer cells thrive in acidic environment.

It is also very important to remember to keep about 50 % of our diet RAW,for enzymes and vitamins.

Alkaline foods are mainly veggies, fruits,nuts and seeds,sprouts and legumes(lentils,beans)

Acidic are all meat,dairy,grains,sweets,coffee ,alkohol (all types),pop drinks,junk food


List of foods for healthy muscles and bones

-Nuts,Chia and Flax Seeds :great source of fiber,protein and healthy fats (omega 3).They contain Zinc,Potasium ,Magnesium(almonds),Selenium (brasil nuts),Vitamin E.

To get the best out of nuts eat them raw and soak in water for few hours before eating.

-Beans: full of protein,good source of Iron and Zinc

-Quinoa :it is a seed not a grain.It's a great source of complete protein(which means ,it contains all the amino acids necessary for our nutritional needs) and fiber,gluten free,great source of Magnesium,Zinc,Iron,Calcium,Copper and Manganese

-Amaranth: another gluten free grain,high in protein,Vit B6,Calcium,fiber and amino acid Lysine(needed for growth and tissue repair),the only grain that contains Vit C


*Broccoli and other cruciferrous: (bok choy,cabbage,cauliflower) are high in cancer fighting phytochemicals,high in fiber,low in calories

*Spinach: very alkaline ,help to fight cancer and heart disease,high in Vit A and Vit K,prevents muscle and bone loss beeing a good source of Calcium,Iron,Magnesium

*Tomatoes: help to prevent cancer(by containing lycopene)

*Carrots: high in Vit A (for good eye health),low calories ,high in fiber


*Berries: high in antioxidants,prevent cancer and heart disease

*Apples: great for digestion by containing pectin,high in antioxidants

*Oranges,Mangoes,Orange Melons: high in Vit C and Magnesium,great antioxidants,lower blood pressure

 *Kiwi: one large kiwi gives you enough Vit C for a day,good source of Potassium,Magnesium,Iron,Zinc,fiber and decent source of Vit A and E,it is one of the top sources of the antioxidant Lutein (important for vision and heart health

*Lemons:one of the best alkaline foods,so squeeze a 1/2 lemon into your water first thing in the morning,before you eat anything to alkalize your body.Lemon juice is antiviral,antibacterial,aids in digestion,helps to regutale blood pressure

All of the fruits and veggies that you can't peel buy ORGANIC-unfortunately they are polluted with pesticides!!!