Bozena's Massage Therapy




-Swedish Massage

-Deep Tissue Work

-Trigger Point Work

-Joint Mobilization


-Myofascial Release

 ***I use only organic oils




ZIMMER OPTONPRO LASER -7 Watts , 9W/cm2 Energy Density


4 Infrared Laser Diodes (2x980nm +2x810nm) performing synchronized parallel emission

-980nm Laser Diodes great for PAIN RELIEF ,

-810nm Laser Diodes used for tissue BIOSTIMULATION and REGENERATION

-Continuous, Pulsed , Single Pulse , Burst modes-used depending on needed  tissue depth and condition treated

Laser Therapy uses light to penetrate through the skin into tissues (muscles,tendon,ligaments,joints,bones).

Used with great results in Canada since the 80s.



-reducing pain and inflammation

-speeding tissue healing,

-stimulating tissue regeneration

-increasing blood flow to treated area

-reducing scarring



-Tendinitis (eg.rotator cuff,tennis an golfers elbow)

-Muscular pains ( TPs, muscle spasms etc)


-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

-Plantar Fasciatis

-Back pain (disc herniation)

-Joint pain :Osteoarthritis ,Rheumatoid Arthritis

-TMJ pain


-Dupuytrens Contracture

-Scars and Wound healing





Swedish Massage

Techniques cover a wide range of soft tissues manipulations.
Massage Therapists use only their hands and arms to achieve the desired therapeutics effect. The techniques include :

  • effleurage-using hands, ulnar border, forearms, finger tips to glide along the contours of the area being treated using light to moderate pressure,directionon of the strokes are always toward the heart
  • petrissage- using thumb,forearm,knuckle,fingers,short,circular strokes,kneeding,squeezing,pushing the tissues
  • shaking and rocking
  • traction
  • tapotement- tapping,clapping or cupping ,often used as a technique to loosen respiratory mucous ,increase local circulation and temporary increase muscle tone
  • pressure points-using thumbs, fingers, knuckles, elbow applying and maintaining static pressure to affected area until patients symptoms decrease

Deep Tissue Work

This treatment is used to relieve severe tension in the muscles, fascia and connective tissues.

It focuses on muscles and structures located below the superficial muscles.
Recommended for athletes ,chronic pain sufferers,treatment of physical injuries.
Treatments are often quite intense and it is not uncommon to have a muscle ache in the area for a few days afterward.

Trigger Point Therapy

Treated by : ischemic compression or muscle stripping .
Trigger points are described as hyperirritable spot within a muscle or fascia that is painful on compression , they can refer pain to other locations in the body.
Trigger points that are painful and have a referral pain are called active, those that refer pain only when pressed are called latent.
They cause decrease range of motion , pain and headaches.

Joint Mobilization

Passive movement in which stretch is applied by the therapist to the part of the joint capsule that is being treated.
Used to decrease adhesions and joint range of motion restrictions.


Heat- heating pad applications to help muscular relaxation,softening of connective tissues ,perspiration, causes local vasodilation -used in chronic conditions,before treatment to loosen up soft tissues and after Trigger Point Therapy.

Cold- ice , gels, cold applications -to treat acute conditions or combined with friction techniques, may be used in temporary pain control, causes local vasoconstriction.

Myofacial Release

Treated by light to moderate traction and twisting to release fascia and muscle tightness throughout the body